#DaDaDa @SaalfeldenJazz 24/08/17

#DaDaDa @SaalfeldenJazz 24/08/17

Trio DaDaDa

Roberto Negro Emile Parisien Michele Rabbia

Juan Miro’s picture Les Constellations supposedly inspired pianist and composer Roberto Negro to name his new trio DaDaDa. Audiences will understand his choice when they listen to Negro’s polyrhythmic meanderings and saxophonist Emile Parisien’s and percussionist Michele Rabbia’s improvisations on his themes. Just like its visual starting point, the musical experience is furiously fresh, a bit confused—maybe even obsessive—and stirringly beautiful. The trio’s intense music-making seems like an enigma: even though it constantly pushes the boundaries, it exudes a deep-rooted sensuality. Comparisons with the German pop band Trio, whose hit single “Da Da Da” became a global success and which was at its funniest when it tried to strike a serious note, are probably intentional.

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